Niveta devotes special attention to quality which takes an important place in its business policy. Quality is a base for achieving the main purpose of existence of the company itself, and that is: running the business successfully by making profit margines higher for the well-being of the company and employees.

In order for this goal to be met, there is a need to establish a policy of quality based on these principles:

  1. production and deliverance of goods according to demands of consumers,and simultaneously complying with the rules and regulations concerning protection of people and environment
  2. gaining and keeping consumer's trust
  3. living up to company's reputation in the market by improving quality of the products and services
  4. system of quality control is defined,enhanced and assured by the management
  5. employees directly effect the quality control system in all spheres (from the input of raw materials and production to output and deliverance of products)
  6. responsability, and most of all, raising the level of conscience of every participent in the use of above mentioned principles of quality
  7. improvement of quality is a permanent goal of the management and employees

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